I Could See The Flames...

I woke up about 5 AM Sunday morning from a nightmare; I dreamt our neighborhood was on fire, and I could feel the heat all along my side as I ran along the house to grab our important things.
It turns out the heat was from our dog Marvel, who had lain fully stretched out (all 12 lbs of him) next to me in bed.  
Still, it was a terrifying thing, and I got up and went outside just to make sure it wasn't real.  It makes me wonder how connected we must have once been to the dreamworld. 
I mean, here I am at 46, spending most of my conscious hours in a pretty rational state, and I was breathing pretty damn hard when I woke up out of that one.  
Dreams are powerful things.
This week I've been reading about Michael Faraday, the fellow who discovered fundamental principles of the connection between electricity and magnetism among many other things.  

Most inspiring to me (as barely math-literate) is the fact that Faraday was my dismal equal in math, but by sheer determination and a willingness to experiment and observer relentlessly, he overcame that obstacle and contributed mightily to human knowledge.
There's hope yet for the great (math) unwashed!
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