Join the Resistance

Join me: I just started a workout schedule with resistance bands; want to do it with me?
Resistance bands are awesome because you can take them anywhere, they are inexpensive and they both tone and grow your muscles due to the flexible and variable execution of movements during an exercise. Here are the ones I use. I do Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday (4 days a week).
Join me for the month of December with this 5 minute warm up and this band workout. Remember to keep the core tight and go up in resistance as you get stronger. 
It takes about 20 minutes. I also walk 2-3 miles a day 6 days a week and roll out for 1/2 hour in the morning with a lacrosse* ball and a 5 inch PVC pipe. LFG! 
Book club for December: The Untethered Soul.  Because we all need to use life to get rid of our problems, not satisfy them. <3

We are taking the PT Crew (all 5 of us) out for a special holiday dinner at a swank, candle lit French restaurant. it's so exciting and we would be nothing without our special team. I love all of our tiny mighty-ness. 



*Fun fact:  My mother-in-law was the captain of her lacrosse team in high school, and she led them to national victory! 

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