July 01, 2020

Lee Unfiltered - The Photograph, Part 1

Lee Unfiltered - Smoking Bikini

Nik and I were driving back to San Diego, bellies full from a jaunt to New Mexico, the lyrical Land of Enchantment and my home state.

Shedding the southwest, we left Taos with its deep Native American connections and Spanish cultural appropriations of Zia symbols, skirts the color of sunsets worn by Texan housewives with mile high Aqua Net updoos, driving by postcard-esque billboards drawing you into the Hopi Travel Plaza for fake arrowheads, fake silver and turquoise key rings and bins full of tumbled rocks.

The soul sometimes feels just as empty as the abandoned pioneer houses you see along the way, where a man once laid his head down, rested his hand on his wife's thigh, and dreamed and hoped on a dime. Rusted out Chevys sinking into the desert and empty strip motels with half lit neon signs throbbing VA ANCY, VA ANCY. By golly, that route of windswept rock is a stretch of highway that makes you feel free, alone and dusty. It's a writer's dream.

I've driven that road many times. I don’t know why, but I process at the speed of a wagon train for that entire stretch back to San Diego. I drive with the windows down, eat road food, spit sunflower seeds out the window, right foot just resting on the gas, left leg up leaning against the door.

This particular journey, we pulled into a dusty truck stop somewhere in between. It was hot and empty, with huge, dirty glass windows. I pushed the door open, and the little bell jingled. Silence except the hum of an air con. It was mostly all dusty glass display cases, with just a few items holding on for dear life. I said hello. I peeked over the counter. No one. After a couple minutes, a guy slowly rambles out, him too on the slow march of wagon train time. He asks if he can help. “I need the key to the restroom.”

He wagon train saunters towards the rear and produces a large bent up spoon with a key ring and tells me, “out back.” I walk out front, pause and raise a hand to Nik pumping gas through a dusty haze, then slowly walk past the empty unwashed windows of the front. And that’s when I saw it.

Taped to the large glass window was a polaroid photo….

That’s all for today! Find out what’s on the polaroid photo next week. Have an awesome rest of the week/weekend.

Oh, and some juicy stuff to check out:

My top 3 most played Spotify artists this week: Lion Babe, Patty Griffin, Eric B & Rakim.

I get asked if I take supplements, these are the ones I use religiously: Nutrafol for my hair, it’s now poofy (life changing here’s a give $30, get $30), Bub’s Collagen, and OM Master Blend Mushroom powder (we sell Bub’s and OM in the shop).

My all time favorite chicken recipe, SERIOUSLY, try this one.


Until next week. LEE

Lee Selman


Lee helps run the show at Paleo Treats, juggling numbers while acting as the final chop for graphics. With an eye for beauty and a taste for chocolate she navigates the many paths that constantly beckon in the world of healthy desserts.

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Too Much Reading...How About Dessert?

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