My Friend Erskine

Part of my morning ritual is to head out in the backyard and hand feed a couple of our local wild squirrels a few peanuts.
In the summer I go stark naked, but as it's been getting down into the 50s I'll put on a hoodie and some old hotel slippers.  Gives our inquisitive neighbors something to wonder about.
In any event, it's been a joyful thing; I love animals, and the chance to interact with wild ones is always a gift.
So, it was with great sorrow that I found one of 'em out front in the road this morning, freshly hit by a car and killed.
Look, I know these things happen.  I'm not sure if this was my favorite, Erskine (named after Erskine Childers), or another of the 3 or so males who've let me feed 'em. 

It sure as hell wasn't Esmerelda (named after the sea lion in Disney's 1954 version of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.)

Whoever we lost, it's a bummer, but...

It brought up a rad thing for me, which is the no-regrets funeral.  At every funeral I've been to, large or small, human or animal, there are always a few people who say, "I wish I would've..."

Not me.  I tell every person and animal I meet what I think of them whenever I have the chance.  This one, if it was Erskine, was no different.  Every time I saw him I said "Hi", and that he was brave, and was he ready for a peanut, and where was he off to next?

So, as sad as I am that a living being who I knew died, I can't say I've got any regrets.  That's about as much consolation as any of us can take with these things. 
My buddy KJ is learning to play the guitar, and he sent me a quick soundbite of him strumming on Sunday evening.  It is so rad to hear your friends do anything well, and getting to listen to him blast through a couple of chords was pure joy.  

Here's hoping one of your homies sends you something equally awesome this week!
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