December 08, 2018

Paleo Treats Holiday Gift Guide

Got some good eatin' Paleo, gluten free, or keto folks on your gift giving list who love health and wellness?  

Let's start with the best possible gift:

Paleo Treats: Desserts that support your healthy lifestyle!

Paleo Treats last for 6 months in your freezer, stock up on protection against the holiday sweet monster AND make sure you get an extra dozen or two for stocking stuffers.  We even have a keto option!

The Paleo Treats Store, get your keto desserts for the holidays here


Dry Farm Wines

Ahhh, relax with wine this holiday.  These are all natural, additive free wines lab tested for purity.  Low sugar, low alcohol pure artisan wines await, check 'em out!

gluten, grain, and dairy free Paleo wine for the holidays

Pete's Paleo

Yes, I know your holiday meals are planned out, but what about those days where you just forget to make dinner?  Pete & Sarah Servold make DELICIOUS meals that are super easy to heat 'n serve.  Totally a standby for us during the busy holiday season!

Pete's Paleo Meals

Butcher Box

Oh, and where should you get fine, high quality meat?  Our vote is for Butcher Box!  This is the kind of gift you get for people serious about excellent meat!

Butcher Box: Meat delivered to your door


Bare Bones Broth

We make broth at home a bunch, but when we're pressed for time this is an excellent option!  Especially with the holiday food overload that, let's face it, we all occasionally indulge in, this is a great way to soothe your guts and still get great nutrition.  Let's heal those guts!

 Bare Bones Broth - Shelf Stable - No Thawing Required

Kasandrinos Olive Oil

Looking for the finest olive oil in the world?  Here's what we use at home.  Stocking Stuffer Alert! --> They also have travel packs for when you don't want to lug a 2 liter can to Grandma's house...  :)

Kasandrinos Olive Oil


Oura Ring

Snuggling in for a long winter's nap?  Make sure you're getting enough sleep AND activity this holiday season with the Oura ring.  It's a ring that tracks your sleep and activity and displays it via an app on your phone.  We've done a long write up on it here, but if you've just been waiting for a deal on 'em, use PALEOTREATS for $50 off!

Oura Ring App tells you how you're sleeping this holiday season 

Doc Parsley's Sleep Formula: Stocking Stuffer Alert!

Can't get to sleep, especially in a new time zone for the holidays?  Lean on Doc Parsley's Sleep Formula to make sure you get the zzzzs you need.  Yep, I'll be using this on the day I fly in to Indy this year; sleep is vital!

Doc Parsley's Sleep Formula


Primal Life Organics

Want some all-natural toothpastes, deodorants and other (normally noxious) toiletries?  They have LED teeth whitener kits as well, which are the hotness this season.  Pick 'em up here.  Yes, they make excellent stocking stuffers!

Primal Life Toothpowder and other paleo toiletries

Casa De Sante Gut Friendly Low FODMAP Foods

Know anyone with gut issues?  Don't leave 'em out of the holiday food extravaganza, get 'em something from Casa De Sante! 

Swanwick Blue Blocker Glasses (Swannies)

Finally, looking for some cool shades to block the ubiquitous blue light you'll be blasted with indoors?  Pick up a pair before they run out!

Swanwick Blue Blocker Wayfarer Glasses

 That wraps it up for our holiday 2018 guide to gifts for your Paleo, gluten free, and keto peeps.  Enjoy the holidays, eat safe, and be merry!

Nik & Lee & The PT Crew

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Too Much Reading...How About Dessert?

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