People are still rad.

My friend AK is moving and thinning out his belongings.Ā  He gave me his fancy table saw.Ā  I don't have space for two saws, so I decided to sell my old table saw (which is probably older than I am), for all the usual reasons.
Rather than go through the whole haggling process of Craigslit/OfferUp, I just drug the old saw out into the street, put a sign on it that said, "Works, slip $20 under the garage door if you take this" and biked off to work.
When I got home the saw was gone.Ā  I opened the garage door and there was a $20 bill on the floor.Ā  I was more stoked than I probably had a right to be, and I've gotten a lot of joy thinking about the honest person who got a good deal on a decent tool.
The world is alright.Ā 
The same AK has a size 10 Oura ring that's looking for a home.Ā  It's the "Stealth" color.Ā  If any of you have giant sausage fingers, reply here and I'll connect you with him to get it.Ā Ā 
Saturday night at dinner I was asked how many Banditos I think I've eaten in my lifetime.Ā  I estimate, on average, .8 per day every day since they've come out, or somewhere north of 2,000.
I know we have some Bandito fanatics out there, and Rico Ebetino holds the record for most Mustangs at one sitting (an unimaginable 20).Ā  Do you think you've eaten more?

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