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This is one of the emails that went out on the Paleo Treats list.  A lot of times when ya sign up for emails you don't know what you'll get, so we wanted to show you.  Here's the quality that we deliver!  If you want to sign up for our list, check the menu if you're on a phone or the bottom right of the screen if you're on a laptop.  Rock 'n roll!

Valentine's Day is 2 weeks out.  Lee is rolling solo at the shop for the next 2 weeks, so don't try to pull that last-minute shipping BS this year.  Get your order in today, give her plenty of time to get a box to your sweetie, and knock 20% off with code VDAY20when ya check out.

Why is Lee rolling solo?  I'm out in Indianapolis, watching over Mom as she recovers from hip replacement surgery.  Thanks to all of you who reached out with good vibes and prayers, she's recovering nicely, with only one minor misadventure so far.

Since I'm in a part of the world that actually experiences winter, I thought I'd max out the fun and go jump in the White River every day.  It runs right by Mom's house, so I can blast out, hit the "Max Misery" button, and be back indoors before the neighbors wonder what the hell is going on. 
At 41F outside temp and 40F water temp, it ain't the warmest thing I've ever done, but being warm and fuzzy isn't always the goal to aim for.  

With all the usual "don't be an idiot" caveats, I'd suggest giving some natural cold water baths a shot if you live in a place where winter is real.  

The gifts of winter are glorious, don't squander them!

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