The Ship has weathered every rack...

It started Sunday morning.   Dad's in town, and my friend AK was coming over for dinner.  We were discussing what to have when my Dad casually mentioned to Lee that he made the best chicken.
Lee immediately declared that she, in fact, made the best chicken.  My father disagreed.  Lee disagreed with his disagreement, and as these things go, a war was begun.
Luckily for everyone (with the exception of 2 chickens), the war was a great success.   
After an initial skirmish over who would get what parts of which chicken, cooking hijinks and skulduggery ensued, including graffiti on a certain someone's ingredients and a few impolite names tossed across the field of battle.
After marinating, battering, pounding, frying, grilling, and a host of other time-worn tactics, the repast was laid out.
As official judges, AK & I unanimously voted for a tie, and aside from a few catcalls and heckling from the cheap seats, the verdict was generally accepted.
With dinner out of the way, Lee reminded me on our evening walk that I should extend the 20% off on shipped orders through Monday, so if you're getting anything shipped, use code 20FORFALL at checkout for 20% off anything in the store.* 
Guns 'n Roses are playing a concert down in the valley tonight, and I can literally hear them from my house over a mile away up on the mesa as I type.
I'm pumped that a band I was rocking out to in high school is still gettin' after it on a Sunday night in San Diego. 
Whatever you think of the Gunners, they're still out there doing their thing.  Rock on, fellas!

Have a rad week!
p.s. Discounts do not apply to subscriptions or pickup orders; they are for shipping only 

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