Chicken Peace Declared.

1) If you caught Nik's last email about me and his DadĀ  having Chicken Wars over who can make better tasting chicken, they were both really good. Here was my recipe, it's the best chicken I've ever had.
2) Iā€™m OBSESSED with Herbal Face Food. As you know, I am very picky as to what goes on my skin and in my body.
HFF is wild harvested, organic, handmade and is made with just PLANTS.
What I'm using: I started with Serum I and the Cure.Ā  Just the scent of these products is awesome and I'm loving them so far.
If you want to try it, use code PALEOTREATS for 20% off. šŸŒ±
Ā Ā 
3) We're sending love by chocolate this month. Free chocolate for all October online ordersand in store purchases in San Diego.Ā  Sweeten it up, yo.
Cheers! LEE <3
PS: Follow our shenanigans on Instagram!Ā 

Paleo Treats


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