When Do You Work Out?

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For me it's 9-10 pm 4 nights a week.  Yep, I sleep well when I work out that late; about 20 minutes after I leave the squat rack I'm in bed.  5 minutes of reading and my eyes are drooping.  Dreamtime 2-5 minutes later.
Is that too late for you?
This brings me to one of my day's highlights; a hot shower.  Now, if you've been getting emails from me for a while, you'll remember I did a year of cold showers (with exceptions on Friday so I wouldn't get used to the cold) about 4 or 5 years ago. 
I learned that cold showers are both miserable and invigorating, but I sleep well whether I take a hot or cold shower.  However, the HOT shower has a huge benefit:  Creativity.
I routinely have great ideas in a hot shower.  I don't think that's unusual, but our shower time tends to be private so...have you noticed the same thing?
My good friend TJ spent Saturday with me, which was a real gift.  Always fun to be around, TJ has two defining characteristics I particularly appreciate.
First, he's inspirationally successful, and it's no accident.  He's not the kind of dude to wait around for a lucky break, he sees opportunities and goes for them like a great white after a napping baby seal.  I love it.  Every time I visit with him it re-calibrates what I think is possible.
The second amazing characteristic is how incredibly supportive he is.  Any idea you have, he'll help you achieve that goal.  It's almost scary.
You'd better be ready for when you tell him about this "thing you've been thinking about", because you'll get spit out the backside of that conversation 10 steps down a path you were only looking down before TJ walked into your life.
Here's hoping you get to meet him one day (or you've got a TJ of your own).  Have a rad week!

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