Why grow up when you can just kick ass?

This 64 year old female skateboarder is heading to the World Skate Games in Rome to crush a bunch of teenagers. Matter of fact, she is number 2 in the world right now. Get inspired to stay in the game with this one.

Recently discovered this super clean, 2 ingredient! raw goat whey protein powder. I tend to digest goat cheese or goat keifir easier than cow dairy so this might be a win for some of you! Code PALEOTREATS will get you 10% off.

I am thinking of starting a Facebook group called Glo Glo (or something like that, maybe Bunnies United?), and share with you all my glow up tips, from red light, to exercise, meditation, a book club etc. Focusing on body, mind and soul, sharing what I do. Would anyone be in to join? Be a fun way to end and bring in the new year with a gentle bang. Write back with a YES if interested. 

Cheers! Have an awesome week. 


Paleo Treats


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