June 25, 2013

Episode 8: Kurt Johnstad

Paleo Treats® Podcast - Episode 8

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"Take it from me, coffee is Paleo."

Hollywood people are shallow and boring and never work hard, right?  Incorrect.  In this podcast we offer up Kurt Johnstad as an example of just how damnably awesome a writer can be.

Kurt is the screenwriter for the movie The 300 and also wrote Act of Valor and 300: Rise of an Empire.

When he's not locked down in the cave living on Paleo Treats and scribbling out the next great epic he's busy living an actual awesome and real life.  Whether that's running through the savage beauty of the San Gabriel Mountain Range, shooting with some of the hottest shots on the planet or working in the dojo both teaching and learning the fine (and hard) points of applied martial arts, Kurt is always in hot pursuit of perfection.

Listen in as he talks about his method of achieving excellence, the essential physical crucible, and the importance of following your passion in life, even if it means you live with some regrets. Kurt is one of our heroes and one of the best of American men, enjoy!

Nik Hawks


Nik Hawks helps run the show at Paleo Treats. Fascinated by humans in all their strange glory, Nik is harnessed in and pulling hard in pursuit of excellence with the rest of the PT Crew. Enjoy!

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How about dessert?

Too Much Reading...How About Dessert?

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