January 22, 2015

Gluten free desserts

If it says "gluten free" it's got to be healthy, right? Wrong.

Well, what about gluten free desserts? Those HAVE to be OK, right? Wrong again.

Ok, how about vegan?  Wait, we'll get to that another time.

Venn diagram of gluten free, vegan, and paleo

Look, the issue isn't just gluten. In fact, gluten doesn't even really matter!

The REAL problem is all the other crap that people put in once you've been distracted by the "gluten washing".

See, gluten free isn't the same as sugar free. Before you tear into your next gluten free chocolate cake, take a minute and read the ingredients. See that? Yep, cane sugar. Call it high fructose corn syrup, call it organic evaporated cane juice, call it bird friendly shade grown free range grass fed whatever; sugar is sugar, and most GF desserts are rocket-ship high in sugar.

You've been designed to crave sugar.

The human tongue has been evolutionarily engineered to be a complete sucker for sugar; there's a massive amount of energy in a relatively small little gluten free cupcake. It's why you can SEE "gluten free" and then TASTE sugar and be completely suckered into taking another bite even AFTER you read the ingredients!

The power of sweet for gluten free desserts

The good news is that when it comes to evolution, biology isn't the only thing that evolves; markets do as well, and as more and more people have seen gluten free desserts for the hoax that most of them are, the word "Paleo" has started to gain a little traction.

Want better than gluten free? Upgrade to Paleo.

Paleo is to gluten free what heavy barbell squats are to leg press machines. One of them works to build muscle and strength, and one of them (gluten free) sets you up for failure and joint weakness.

Ok, so now you know that the gluten free label is just the start of it, how do you navigate through this quasi-healthy thicket?

What's the easy way to check any gluten free dessert to see if it's healthy? Easy. Read the ingredients (or recipe) BEFORE you taste it. If you see any form of sugars other than, say, honey, put it back on the shelf.

Wait, you want an even easier way to find a delicious dessert? Well, you've come to the right place amigo.

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Too Much Reading...How About Dessert?

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