March 19, 2015

Episode 28: Phil Maffetone, Endurance Coach

Phil Maffetone running barefoot

Our guest on this podcast is Dr. Phil Maffetone, coach of legendary athletes Mark Allen, Stu Mittelman, and Mario Andretti.  Phil has worked with more than just sporting greats, he's been an adviser to the military on how to make  B2 bomber pilots more effective, has worked with NASA and has even helped race horses improve their performance via heart rate training. 

He's most well known for The Maffetone Method, which is a heart rate based method for increasing your aerobic (vs anaerobic) performance.  A simple equation (train at a heart rate of 180 minus your age), it is one of the most effective training tools in any athletes repertoire.

An avid proponent of barefoot running and occasionally lifting heavy things, Dr. Maffetone's methods are most clearly distinguished by three things: His extraordinary individualization of coaching, his incredible patience, and his holistic approach that goes well beyond just one type of healing modality.

Dr. Maffetone made the transition from endurance performance coaching into music in the early 2000s, so we also talk about how music affects people, how the way we listen to music has changed, and how music can increase your athletic performance (hint: It's not with earbuds!)

If you want to know about Phil including his thoughts on diet, coaching, performance, and music, check out his website,


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Too Much Reading...How About Dessert?

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phillip boelen
phillip boelen

March 23, 2015

What a breath of fresh air. I started riding bike for health reasons 8 years ago. as life goes on I got better and better to the point I started racing in crits. End of last year i got stale did not enjoy my racing and I was going to get out,i was just not competitive.Mid to late last year about November,in Australia, I found Dr Phill Maffatones book on the big book of endurance training and racing. I have loosely applied some of the methodology from this book and WOW I have gone from mid pack in B grade vets feeling bored as hell just going around in circles to being out the front creating breaks or chasing breaks down having a reputation of shaking things up . I have not won any races but I now enjoy how I race. The season is about finished now,just one week to go, in the off season I intend to follow the 180 formula and do a MAF test in the beginning of the winter season on the indoor trainer each month. I will do this MAF test every couple of weeks to see how my progress is going. I am looking towards next season now and possible a few wins. Thanks for the book Phil It really is a breath of fresh air to listen and read about training technique that are outside the box and DOES not follow what I call a pack mentality, or marketing hype.


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