March 24, 2015

6 celebrities on the Paleo diet!

When celebrities start doing something, whether it is wearing a new style of shoe, raising money for a new charity, or following a new diet, all of the sudden it becomes a trend.

If Paleo is the newest trend, then we are happy for the exposure. (Don’t even get us started on why Paleo isn’t REALLY a trend, but rather a fantastic way of living!) The best part of his new “trend” is that if more people begin to follow the paleo way of eating, the better their health is going to be!

Read on to find out which celebrities are eating Paleo and making their health a priority.

Jack Osbourne – Jack was “kind of a big deal” in the party scene when he was a teenager. When your dad is the Prince of Darkness, you kind of fall into the partying lifestyle. Jack achieved sobriety and grew up quite a bit however, in the last decade or so.

Diagnosed with MS in 2012, Jack put his motto “adapt and overcome” to work. He’s not letting his MS diagnosis control his life. He’s taking matters into his own hands by working with physicians to not only use traditional medicine for treatment of his MS, but also working on getting his body into optimal shape to fight this disease.

“I worked with my doctor to find a treatment that works for me, and I changed my lifestyle, keeping stress to a minimum and making time to exercise regularly. I also try to eat healthy foods like lean protein and lots of vegetables, avoiding the junk food I used to eat.”

“Diet is a big thing. I am a firm believer in you are what you eat. I juice a lot; I try and stick to a Paleo Diet. At its core, I look at MS as inflammation, so I try and eliminate foods that cause inflammation: dairy, gluten, grains.”

Jack says he prefers to have a more liquid breakfast for a huge boost of vitamins. He typically makes a homemade smoothie using different combinations of fruits and veggies.

He likes to eat like a caveman for lunch and dinner and sticks with healthy paleo options. For lunch, he loves to have eggs, or chicken, grass fed beef, or bison with root vegetables. He prefers to keep his dinners on the lighter side but still sticks with paleo choices like fish and veggies.

Jessica Biel – While Jessica keeps her diet clean the majority of the time, she’s a fan of the scheduled cheat day. This doesn’t mean she over-indulges on those days, but rather lets herself have some of the foods she is craving without feeling guilty for it.

Her typical daily diet includes healthy favorites like complex carbohydrates, fruits, fish and veggies. She’s also a big fan of fermented veggies, probiotics and nuts.

Prior to her pregnancy with husband Justin Timberlake, Jessica shared, “eating Paleo just leans you down and slims you up and takes that little layer of fat and water-weight right off your body.

Now that she is “eating for two,” we can take a guess that she still allows her cheat day or two per week, but we also know how important health is for Jessica and her main man, so we wager she is still eating clean and healthy the majority of the time while the most beautiful baby of 2015 grows inside of her.

Megan Fox – Previously known for following a vegan diet, Megan was sometimes criticized for being too skinny and not having enough curves. She then turned to the Paleo diet, which has led the critics to keep their mouths shut on her fit physique.

Megan states she gained only 23 pounds during her first pregnancy and lost the baby weight quickly by following the Paleo diet, without even working out. She eats fruits and veggies as her main source of carbohydrates and never misses breakfast.

Overall, she attributes keeping her body as healthy as it is by following a high protein, low carb and low sugar diet, which falls right in line with Paleo way.

Gwyneth Paltrow – When Gwyneth and her family members were told they had food sensitivities, she went all super mom and started to make a plan to keep their nutrition on point as well as address their varying sensitivities.

When she announced to the public her plans on eliminating certain foods (gluten, coffee, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, soy, to name a few) from her family’s diet, she was attacked by the media for “depriving” her kids.

Whether you're a fan of Gwyneth or not, we all know that keeping our kids away from processed food or just gluten in general, is a great way to set their growing bodies and guts up for a healthy success.

Gwyneth’s favorite snacks are common paleo favorites: almonds, raisins, coconut water, kale juice, lemon juice and lots of water. Because the family would be cutting out a lot of everyday foods,

Gwyneth also compiled a cookbook of over 185 recipes that will work for everyone in the family. Though it’s apparent that Gwyneth isn’t a perfect paleo eater, her recommendations for alternatives for foods that cause pain are close to paleo and may be great for a paleo newbie.

Tom Jones – “It’s Not Unusual” for someone to lose a little weight when making the change to the Paleo lifestyle.  Tom Jones attributes a 35 pound weight loss in the 5 months following his change to the paleo diet.

73 years young, after gaining a bit of weight over Christmas 2010, Tom went to put his suits on and found that he couldn’t get into them. He consulted with a dietician and made the decision to overhaul his way of eating.

“I’d recommend it to anybody. It tells you to get back to the way we used to eat when we were hunters and gatherers. Eat anything that’s natural, meat, fish, veg, which you must eat raw as much as possible.”

LeBron James – Though LeBron didn’t necessarily turn to Paleo for the physical benefits, he sure has leaned up his already athletic basketball playing body after switching to Paleo.

He gave up carbs, refined sugar, and dairy for 67 days in the summer of 2014, and when he re-emerged, the media speculated that he wanted to radically change his body for basketball. This simply wasn’t the case for LeBron.

“So I decided to do this particular diet this summer for two months, it had nothing to do with basketball. Nothing at all. Once I set out a goal, I like to accomplish it. In the process, I lost some weight and the stories came out that I did it for basketball. But it did make me quicker, so it will help our team.”

Whatever the reason, we sure are glad that LeBron found the Paleo diet and showed the world that it’s nothing to be afraid of and it’s all about putting your mind to something in order to achieve success, even when it comes to avoiding foods that just are not good for you.

Why are they going Paleo?

The great thing about Paleo is that it appeals to all kinds of people. Celebrities, athletes, moms, fitness freaks, tech geeks, and even hippies are all following Paleo.

It appeals to so many different kinds of people because it offers flexibility, but also some basic “rules” to follow. The health benefits from Paleo that can be found within just a short time of starting are amazing and we keep hearing about more every day.

If you keep up with eating Paleo, the benefits for your energy, overall health, and even mental clarity are like no other “diet” craze out there. And it’s something that CAN be done for the long-term.

It’s not detrimental for your health to keep up with paleo, unlike some other “diets” out there. But perhaps the reason that paleo appeals to so many people is because it truly isn’t a diet, but rather a healthy way of life.

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