May 05, 2015

How to Make Super Coffee: Beyond Butter Coffee

Ok, for those of you who learn by watching, here's a quick video of how I supercharge my butter coffee.


As you can see, I add a bunch of different fats to it, including cacao butter, coconut oil, and grass fed butter.  I've actually changed up the quantities a bit since shooting this video; I do less coffee, more (and different) collagen, and probably slightly less coconut oil.  For you measurers...

What's In My Super Coffee?

I add the fats because they seem to both smooth out that caffeine buzz and they suppress hunger for me until sometime around 2 pm.  That's dependent on whether or not I've worked out, but on non-workout days the only "meal" I'll eat in the mornings is my butter coffee.

You might wonder about the powders in there. Actually, you're probably wondering about the egg, so I'll deal with that first.

  • Is the egg raw?  Yes. 
  • Does it boiled in the coffee and turn all gummy and chewy?  No
  • How come it doesn't cook?  There's not enough energy in the cup of hot water to cook it.  Physics, yo.
  • Jesus, Nik.  Why do you do it? It makes the coffee delicious and frothy, plus I get my protein.  Everyone gets fired up about the butter, but the egg is what makes this a leveled up super coffee.

Ok, on to the powders.  First up is the BUBS Collagen powder.  I do two scoops now (Lee has been requesting extra lately) and I like the way it changes the coffee texture and froth, plus it keeps our hair & nails healthy.  

Periodically, we'll change out the various "other" powders we blend in. I'm always curious to see what works. 

Lately I've been using the OM Mushroom Master blend, but I've used all sorts of different things before, from MCT Oil powder to maca.

Most of 'em don't seem to make a huge difference, although a lot of the time it's hard to notice what you don't feel.  Peter Defty (of VESPA fame) talks a bunch about this concept, and it's a powerful one.  For the collagen, I've noticed that when I stop taking it I seem to get more aches and pains. 

For now, we're sticking with the OM; I feel a definite increase in focus during my morning writing sessions with it in there.  I've noticed that some of these additional powders seem to lose effectiveness over time, but so far, so good.

What Is NOT In My Super Coffee?

One thing not often discussed is what doesn't go in my coffee.  I know, I know, coffee is personal.  Still, if you're going to try and supercharge your fat burning there is no place for sweeteners in coffee.  I don't use ANY of the following in my coffee:

  • Xylitol
  • Erythritol
  • Stevia
  • Monkfruit
  • Coconut Sugar/Nectar
  • Palm Nectar
  • Agave
  • Maple Syrup
  • etc 

It's an important enough point to lay out.  You're probably reading this because you heard about butter coffee, or bulletproof, or mega, or whatever it's called, and you wanted to know more.  In a nutshell, I think you've got a lot of flexibility with the fats; butter, MCT oil, coconut oil, cacao butter; all are good and will provide benefits.

Where you don't have a ton of flexibility (if you want to increase your fat burning in the morning) is adding sugar.  There's the caloric aspect with "regular" sugars) as well as the psychological AND gut twisting aspects of what I call "sneaky" sugars, the stuff like xylitol, erythritol, etc.  

Sugars aren't inherently terrible, but adding them to your morning coffee is.  Keep your sweet stuff limited to your dessert. The best way to manage your sweet tooth is with the decadent luxury of that once-a-day sweet.

Vital Aspects Of Making Butter Coffee

There are a couple nuances to making the butter coffee that are easy to screw up.  They can make a big difference, and mostly revolve around the right temperature.  Too hot, and you'll scald the coffee (and start to cook bits of that egg).  Too cold, and well, no one likes lukewarm coffee.

  • always pre-heat your mug 
  • make sure the fats are room temp; too cold and they'll affect the coffee
  • don't pour in "boiling" coffee.  It should be 195-205°F when you first brew.  
  • blend with an immersion blender, NOT a Bullet or regular blender
  • preheat the immersion blender handle
  • warm your egg in hot water

My method changes a bit with the season.  We don't have heating or cooling in our house, it's one of the benefits of living in San Diego.  :)

In the summer I keep the butter in the fridge  In the cooler months it stays out on the shelf.

I started to pre-heat everything religiously in the winter a few years back and just carried it through into the summer, but I'll bet it doesn't matter as much when the ambient temp is above, say, 75°F.

I LOVE my Aeropress, but how you make your coffee is up to you. 

I grind the coffee with the Pharos, and use the inverted method on the Aeropress, letting it sit for 4 minutes as recommended by Tyler Wells.  That's just enough time for me to get the egg warming up, walk to my home office and turn on my feet-heating pad, then walk back, pour the boiling water out of my cup and into the kettle, then add in all the various fats and powders.

I top it off with hot water, blend it up, clean up of the immersion blender, then saunter to my desk.  That's my morning butter coffee ritual, enjoy!

The big question is: Does butter coffee affect your fasting? Read about fasting and butter coffee here.


Liked this video on making butter coffee?  Here are a few more great ones!

Nik Hawks


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Too much reading...
How about dessert?

Too Much Reading...How About Dessert?



March 13, 2020

Hey Charlie, the egg breaks the fast in a strict sense. Here’s the article on wrote on why I do it:
Enjoy! -Nik

Charlie Bush
Charlie Bush

March 13, 2020

Hey dude I enjoyed reading your article of bulletproof coffee breaking your fast. Your recipe with cacao butter is a great addition I will have to try but is adding an egg (protein) count intuitive? It was my understanding fats only were the way to go. Would love to know why you chose to toss the egg in as well.

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