December 29, 2016

3 Paleo baking hacks - Ingredients

Make a mess when you bake Paleo, it's OK!

Sometimes a girl just needs some banana bread!  Truth be told, I care a whole lot less about eating baked goods than I do about making them.  Hi…my name is Leslie and I am a stress baker.  :)

There is something about mashing a bunch of bananas, whipping up some eggs, carefully measuring (almond) flour and spooning in honey that just calms me right down.  The smell of baked good wafting through the house not only serves as an awesome air freshener, but also makes me feel like a better mom. 

Here are three tips that might serve you well as you try out Paleo baking in all that spare time you have. 

1-Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for paleo baking

Coconut oil in solid form is an excellent substitute for non-Paleo approved ingredients such as butter and corn oils.  I replace it one for one and have had good luck doing so.  You can even search out coconut butter and you will be pleasantly surprised at how creamy and awesome it is. 

2-Honey and Maple Syrup

Honey as a paleo ingredient

Honey and pure maple syrup usually stand in pretty well for sugar.  Sugar does add a certain texture and tenderness to baked goods, but there are many recipes that use alternate sweeteners with great success.  Buy the best honey and maple syrup that you can afford and remember that you can reduce the amount you use based on your taste preferences. 

3-Almond Butter

Almonds for making almond butter, a paleo peanut butter alternative

As you probably know, peanuts are not Paleo.  Almond butter is a great in cookies, candies and confections that usually call for peanut butter.  If you are allergic to nut butters, I personally love sunflower seed butter.  Sun Butter is super mild and even picky kids seem to love it. 

Look, baking on the Paleo diet can stump even the most seasoned baker, but have no fear…you can still make and enjoy baked goods from time to time.  There will be some trial and error, but even your failures may still be pretty tasty. 

Just throw some coconut whipped cream on that disaster and pretend the dessert is “deconstructed.” 

Remember that even if your treats are Paleo, they are still dessert and should be enjoyed in moderation. 

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Leslie B


Paleo mama Leslie B is a regular contributor to the Paleo Treats blog. She is a recipe wizard and has two full time testers ready to taste everything she makes. Leslie lives in Colorado and in between raising her testers (aka little boys) and work manages to find time to run in the mountains and write down her best recipes.

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How about dessert?

Too Much Reading...How About Dessert?

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