Can ya make it easy?

I saw a video yesterday of a woman who had a huge problem come up. She spiraled into catastrophizing it. Her friend asked her "What would it look like if it was easy?". Mind blown. These are the friends you need to keep close. 


Reminder that US Wellness Meats is still giving our followers 15% off anything on their site! Take advantage, these guys rock. Use code PALEOTREATS at checkout. 


Day 30 using my Herbal Face Food and I can't believe the difference. My brown spots are fading on my forehead. It's the only medical grade plant only skin care out there. You can eat it. (Don't :) Message me if you want to know what I use. And code PALEOTREATS gets you 20% off

Oh #4! Nik and I went to see Taylor Swift's Eras Tour movie. Sooo good. Go see it, it is so loud because everyone is singing. It's a 3 hour concert and man is that lady inspiring. UC Berkeley is now offering a Taylor Swift business course, and USA Today has their first dedicated Taylor Swift journalist. And, if you go to the movie, check out the price of the tickets: Adults $19.89 (name of one of her albums) and kids tickets are $13.13 (her favorite number). 

Cheers! Have an awesome week.


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