January 29, 2017

Humans of Paleo: Tina Turbin

These Humans of Paleo posts were inspired by the Humans of....Facebook pages. This is our attempt to share very personal stories of Paleo with you, hopefully inspiring you to make changes with your diet and lifestyle.  ENJOY!

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Meet Tina Turbin from Paleomazing!

Tina Turbin

What brought you to eating Paleo/clean?

I was already gluten free, but I thought I’d die sooner than later on the Standard Gluten-Free diet. I have celiac disease and that diet and all those grains was actually causing severe distress, incognito!

What has been the toughest part?

Dealing with others' ideas about my not eating grains or legumes. You’d think their world revolved around those two ingredients, and I have come to see that sadly many people’s lives do.

What has been the easiest part?

The diet and lifestyle itself. They are so absolutely rewarding and once I got on a roll I became addicted to feeling physically healthy and truly alive!

What is the most satisfying part?

How balanced I feel and this feeling is contagious which ultimately garners curiosity and people asking me for advice or help. I love to see others do well or better, so this is all just an awesome satisfying side-benefit.

What are you going to conquer this year?

I am enhancing my Paleo website to cover more important issues relating to women, key tests and labs, and topics for any woman entering their 40’s and 50’s and on. It is specialized research data and women are worthy of aging gracefully, beautifully, armed with the proper information and moving forward with knowledge.

On a more personal note, I will have more quality time with my first and only grandbaby and my daughter, learn to relax a tad bit more, and try and get to bed before 10 pm. I am still working on getting in bed before midnight as it is. Jeez!

What is your best quality?

I have innate drive, purpose, passion, I love life, and care so much about others well-being. Those are all a package in itself. 

What was the happiest moment of your life?

When my three children were brought into this world despite that crazy “drama of labor”, then watching my adorable grandson emerge to be part of this big wide world and my middle son, Cassidy winning three Grammy’s last year after many years of hard work, (and sharing stage with Beck and Prince who is sadly no longer with us).

Reflecting now, those are key moments. There is really never a dull moment in this family. I have a really fun and exciting family.

One piece of advice to someone starting Paleo?

Listen and be observant of your own body as you embark on the transition.

Never leave the house without:  

Good snacks that resonate with your body! Most people will stop and buy crap when they are out.

What is your exercise regime?

Alternate weights and hiking days, always stretching after either, and I love hot yoga or yoga on other days

Tina Turbin in the Grand Canyon

Snack of choice:

Nut butter, jerkies, loaded veggie wraps with or without animal protein.

Beauty essential:

Serums!!!! From Life Extensions and also Timeless. I swear by them.

Skincare ritual:

Wash, exfoliate and then moisturize and sunscreen like mad.

Best advice from MOM:  

My mom was “unusual” and into nutrition and healthy eating when I was born. She had me read Adelle Davis’ books when I was entering puberty as I had questions about cramps and was craving sugar, which was all new to me.

Unbeknownst to me Adelle was one of the first nutritionist to speak out against processed food and for the benefits of supplements. My mom’s influence and introduction to the concept of healthy eating was monumental in my life as an adult, but it took me a bit to catch on. I was a teen rebel!

A must read book recommendation:  

The many books that Victory Belt Publishing puts out are a terrific read for anyone anywhere. I have worked with many of the authors and these guys are all tops.

Thank you Tina Turbin​ from Paleomazing​!

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Tina L Turbin
Tina L Turbin

February 08, 2017

Nik, Thank you so verymuch for sharing “my story” on your website. You are all amazing at PaleoTreats and all your products are beyoned FABulous!
…and my reply to Nina Guthrie above: Wow, how kind of you to share this. I can not belive you have 5 kids and you are a young 46 year old. You are my new hero- seriously! Having your health. mind and body all ready for each and every demanding day, is a must as “Mom”. We never get a break. Keep up the great work Nina and best of luck with all your endeavors and in raising those children. -Tina :)

Nina Guthrie
Nina Guthrie

January 29, 2017

Tina Turbin – lives your interview. I resonate with so much of what you said. I am an older mom, 46, with a 19, 15, 8, 4 and 2. Paleo has helped me feel so much better and has helped me keep up with these fun and crazy kids of mine. I am trying to get the kids on a Paleo friendly menu. It has been tough. I look forward to learning more from this community.

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