October 15, 2019

Paleo vs Keto: Part 2 -- What is Paleo?

Ok, we're breaking down the idea of what paleo is (and what keto is) in this 4 part video series.  We started off with a broad overview, now we're diving deeper into what each diet is all about.

In this video, I talk about what Paleo is (remember, it's a diet of ingredients) and what it isn't (no gluten, no grain, no dairy.)

Paleo is all about the idea of humans evolving over the course of a few million years.  It goes way beyond diet, although diet it mostly what people associate it with.

Common myths in Paleo are busted, Paleo is NOT a meat-heavy diet.  If you've ever tried to catch and prepare your own meat you know just how hard it is to eat a t-bone every night when you're doing the work yourself.  Ain't happening.

The "perfect" Paleo meal doesn't really exist, as Paleo is a diet of variety.  Paleo follows the seasons, involves lots of intermittent fasting and opportunistic eating.  

Paleo also includes consistent movement, and lots of it.  Think of walking 10+ miles a day as part of your daily habit.  That's how we evolved for the vast majority of our history.

Any in-depth inspection of Paleo will reveal that it's far more than a diet, it's a full on lifestyle, and in many regards can complement and have synergy with a low carb or close-to-keto diet.

Stay tuned for the next video on what Keto is, and we'll wrap up the series with how to supercharge both Paleo & Keto for making your life awesome.

Rock on!


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