June 23, 2019

How To Get Healthy & Glowing Skin Using The Paleo Diet

What do we want? Healthy, glowing skin!

When do we want it? NOW!

How does paleo help your skin?

  • Eating healthy fats (meats, avocados, fish)can  help contribute to healthier, stronger hair skin and nails, make skin look younger, hydrates and protects your skin  
  • Gut and skin health are connected, if your gut isn’t happy, your skin probably won’t be either
  • Dietary collagen (butter coffee, hollah!) can help reduce wrinkles
  • Many people find that when their diet clears up, so does their skin
  • There is more to skin health than just that expensive skin cream you bought last week
  • Added sugars, saturated fats, even dairy, can cause inflammation in the skin, which can then lead to clogged pores and skin flare-ups
  • Eliminating gluten can also help stop inflammation

Gut and skin health are related- if your gut isn’t happy, your skin probably won’t be either.

So how exactly can the paleo diet help give your skin that goddess-like glow? Allow me to elaborate.

Getting in those good fats and proteins

Gaining plenty of healthy fats is essential in healthy skin. These are the fats you find in meats, avocados, and fish. They can make skin look younger, as well as hydrate and protect your skin from the elements. They can help not only contribute to healthy skin, but stronger skin and nails as well.

Speaking of younger looking skin, dietary collagen (that’s the good stuff you can find in bone broth) is a component that can help reduce wrinkles, and improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

There’s a reason those expensive beauty supplements are made with protein-rich formulas. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, which are the building blocks of the proteins found in your hair, nails, and (arguably) most importantly, your skin.

Protein isn’t only for building muscle, it’s also essential for healthy and strong skin.  

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made with skin care is expecting every fancy skin cream to solve all of my worries. While fancy skin creams and face masks definitely do help, I have found that it tends to only work for a short amount of time, and that the longest results are found when I’m eating healthier. Products can only take you so far!

When your diet clears up, so does your skin.  It's not just me, Elle Magazine is on board with going Paleo to clear up your skin as well!

Added sugars, salts, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, and even dairy, can cause inflammation. Gluten is another contributor to inflammation in the skin, and when cut out of a diet, has also been known to show a decrease in acne.

Let's talk inflammation.

Inflammation is big. It often tends to lead to clogged pores, dull skin, puffiness, and skin flare ups, and nobody wants that! By avoiding foods that promote inflammation, you’re improving your skin’s health greatly.

While many people see a difference in their skin after cutting out dairy-less acne, fewer breakouts-there isn’t much scientific evidence to support the claim that consuming dairy directly affects skin health. However, a 30-day elimination of dairy wouldn’t hurt.

Cut It Out!

After cutting most dairy out of my diet, I personally, have noticed significantly less breakouts. When some dairy does accidentally slip in, my gut and skin are the first indicators.

So while we might not be exactly what we eat, what we put into our body certainly reflects itself in our skin.

As a teenager with forever-changing skin and acne, I find that what I eat certainly shows up in my skin. When I’m staying on top of my diet, eating foods to fuel my body, you can usually see it in my skin. My diet will help my acne clear up, make my skin look brighter, and makes me look more awake (as a student, this is very helpful). However, when the ice cream and Doritos cravings hit, it’s pretty much over for my skin.

Skin health is much more than the expensive skin cream you bought last week at Sephora.

Believe me, I love a good face mask as much as the next person and will jump at the opportunity to use one. Still, your overall skin health comes from within. What you put into your body shows up in your skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, and when something’s wrong with our insides, our skin will tell us on the outside.

So dig deep, and listen to what your skin is telling you.

And that goddess-like glow I was telling you about? Chow down on the foods that will make you glow from WITHIN!!

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