Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
January 05, 2020

Sleeping with the OOLER

What the heck is an OOLER?  Let's talk about why you should chill out (or warm up) at night, and how it can change the quality of your sleep.  Rock 'n roll! View full article →
December 29, 2019

Live A Little, Or The Joy Of Uncomfort On Your Terms

Just because it's cold doesn't mean you need to turn up the heat.  Lean in to the cold just a little, and see how it expands your world. View full article →
December 28, 2019

2020 will be hell for Big Sugar

2018 will be hell for Big Sugar
What will happen to your food in 2020?  We're excited to talk about what we think is the future of food, and how you can help create a healthy, thriving, and balanced food web. View full article →
November 23, 2019

2019 Holiday Recommendations from Nik & Lee

Looking for holiday goodies that'll suit the healthy folks in your life?  Casting about for a present to yourself that'll leave you feeling amazing the next morning instead of hung over with carb cravings?  Check out these holiday picks from Nik & Lee! View full article →
October 24, 2019

That's Not Keto!

That's Not Keto, an explanation of what the keto diet is and isn't along with the common misconceptsion and how you can gain all the benefits of a low carb lifestyleKeto is one of the more misunderstood terms out there right now, so I thought I'd lay out what keto is, the common myths and mistakes we see, and how to make a low carb lifestyle work for you. 10 years of experience in one post, here we go. View full article →
October 15, 2019

Paleo vs Keto: Part 2 -- What is Paleo?

Part 2 of 4: Paleo vs Keto -- What is Paleo?
A deeper dive into the Paleo Vs Keto question, this time we go into what Paleo is (and isn't) as well as how you can think about it and use Paleo to your advantage.  Hint:  Paleo is NOT meat heavy, and it's far more than just a diet.  This 7 minute video will make you more educated on Paleo than 94% of all internet users.  Maybe 96%. View full article →
October 03, 2019

Paleo Vs Keto: Part 1

Paleo vs Keto videoLet's talk about Paleo vs Keto.  What are they, what do they do, and which should you follow?  In this, part 1 of a 4 part series, I'll give you a broad overview of the ways to think about how these fit into your world. View full article →
June 23, 2019

How To Get Healthy & Glowing Skin Using The Paleo Diet

One of the most obvious benefits of Paleo is how it clears up your skin.  Yep, once you decrease inflammation throughout your body by cleaning up your diet, it is very likely your skin will clear up and, well, start to glow.  Here's how it works. View full article →
June 09, 2019

Real Food Strategies for School-age Children (and their families!)

Nikki Ledford and real food strategies for kids
Looking for ways to make sure your kiddos are eating healthy?  Here are a few good ideas from San Diego mama Nikki Ledford, enjoy the hard-won knowledge! View full article →
May 07, 2019

When To Go Off The Wagon

Nik Hawks on using evolution to eat well and indulge.
Is Paleo an all or nothing diet?  Are there times where you can go off the wagon and still remain healthy?  How robust IS this human body we've been given? View full article →
May 05, 2019

Pillars of Food: Quality, Amount, and Timing

High Quality Is No Accident: Eat Real Food
Eating healthy is pretty darn simple.  You don't need to complicate it.  The Quality, Amount, and Timing of what you eat will give you about 80% of the results you can achieve.  If you want to go further or compete at a world class level you can certainly geek out harder, but for a normal person, here's how to do it. View full article →
May 03, 2019

Why does good food cost more?

Nik Hawks on a roll
A dose of truth on the subject of good food costing more.  This is the real deal folks, not some white-washed version of "shopping the outside of the grocery store."  Read this if you want to actually know the hard facts of why it costs more to eat healthy. View full article →