Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
December 01, 2023

Join the Resistance

Join me: I just started a workout schedule with resistance bands; want to do it with me?
Resistance bands are awesome because you can take them anywhere, they are inexpensive and they both tone and grow your muscles due to the flexible and variable execution of movements during an exercise. Here are the ones I use. I do Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday (4 days a week).
Join me for the month of December with this 5 minute warm up and this band workout. Remember to keep the core tight and go up in resistance as you get stronger. 
It takes about 20 minutes. I also walk 2-3 miles a day 6 days a week and roll out for 1/2 hour in the morning with a lacrosse* ball and a 5 inch PVC pipe. LFG! 
Book club for December: The Untethered Soul.  Because we all need to use life to get rid of our problems, not satisfy them. <3

We are taking the PT Crew (all 5 of us) out for a special holiday dinner at a swank, candle lit French restaurant. it's so exciting and we would be nothing without our special team. I love all of our tiny mighty-ness. 



*Fun fact:  My mother-in-law was the captain of her lacrosse team in high school, and she led them to national victory! 

November 27, 2023

My Friend Erskine

Part of my morning ritual is to head out in the backyard and hand feed a couple of our local wild squirrels a few peanuts.
In the summer I go stark naked, but as it's been getting down into the 50s I'll put on a hoodie and some old hotel slippers.  Gives our inquisitive neighbors something to wonder about.
In any event, it's been a joyful thing; I love animals, and the chance to interact with wild ones is always a gift.
So, it was with great sorrow that I found one of 'em out front in the road this morning, freshly hit by a car and killed.
Look, I know these things happen.  I'm not sure if this was my favorite, Erskine (named after Erskine Childers), or another of the 3 or so males who've let me feed 'em. 

It sure as hell wasn't Esmerelda (named after the sea lion in Disney's 1954 version of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.)

Whoever we lost, it's a bummer, but...

It brought up a rad thing for me, which is the no-regrets funeral.  At every funeral I've been to, large or small, human or animal, there are always a few people who say, "I wish I would've..."

Not me.  I tell every person and animal I meet what I think of them whenever I have the chance.  This one, if it was Erskine, was no different.  Every time I saw him I said "Hi", and that he was brave, and was he ready for a peanut, and where was he off to next?

So, as sad as I am that a living being who I knew died, I can't say I've got any regrets.  That's about as much consolation as any of us can take with these things. 
My buddy KJ is learning to play the guitar, and he sent me a quick soundbite of him strumming on Sunday evening.  It is so rad to hear your friends do anything well, and getting to listen to him blast through a couple of chords was pure joy.  

Here's hoping one of your homies sends you something equally awesome this week!
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The ASCB has a bunch of amazing recipes from all the best chefs we know.  Happy cooking, and enjoy!
November 24, 2023

We Made It!

Happy post Thanksgiving Day! Grateful to be on this little dirt ball, warmed by a giant flaming star, floating around the abyss with you all.

There are a lot of good deals floating around, here are 3 I wanted to share with you. 

OBSESSED with Herbal Face Food. I use The Cure X Soap, The Cure, The Serum I and The Cream. It's slowly getting rid of my dark spots and healing my skin. Nothing compares to this medical grade skincare line that uses only plants. I've been getting so many compliments that I'm glowing!  Code PALEOTREATS gives you 20% off. 

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Get better brain fitness with a BrainTap device.  Think better, sleep better, perform better. Nik and I were one of the early adopters of this amazing technology. Use code HOLIDAY for $200 off a BrainTap Headset + 1 Year Subscription. 


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Cheers! Have an awesome weekend.

(ps. I'm working on my Glow Bunnies group, stay tuned)


November 22, 2023

Gluten, Grain, Dairy Free Paleo Cake

Without all the garbage. We got you! 

Call the shop before they sell out. 619-795-2203 

Paleo Treats, 3275 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 92116

Normal Heights / Open Thanksgiving Day 10-2 for pick up

November 21, 2023

Paleo Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free Treats!!!


GET YOUR ORDER IN BEFORE WE SELL OUT. Please select pick up and add to the notes what day you will pick up. Please include your phone number.

HOURS for pick up: Wednesday 2-6pm and Thanksgiving Day 10-2pm.


Cheers! NIK + LEE xo ❤️

Paleo Treats, 3275 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 92116

Normal Heights | 619-795-2203

November 20, 2023

Let's kick it off!

In case you missed it, we're running a Black Friday sale of 20% off, good through the weekend.  Use code BLKFRIDAY20 when ya check out, good for any orders we ship.
I wanted to run a way more complicated sale, where the discount followed some crazy math rule that doubled the square of an irrational number and plutified it by the inverse tangent of...but Lee put the kibosh on that.  So 20% off it is!
Speaking of math, I'm still reading John Gribbin's Deep Simplicity, and I'm psyched to learn that math proves the value of being able to thrive in change.
Chaos theory shows that we live far from equilibrium, in close vicinity at all times to chance events that may favor or retard us.  
This is a fundamental truth of life.  The fact that these favors or disfavors occur is something not to be avoided but expected.
Given that expectation, an attitude of enthusiastic embrace of change and of constantly improving our ability to make the most of each change is a fundamental key to success.
Hell yeah for chaos theory!
As the bitter depths of winter descend on us here in San Diego and temps drop closer to absolute zero (the high fifties), know that everyone here is ready with Patagonia puffy jackets, board shorts, and Ugg boots, clutching a hot double-honey latte in one mittened hand.

I'm still locked into the morning routine, enjoying my hot coffee that delivers just that much more comfort when it's biting-cold (58) outside.
Big heart from the soft southland!
November 17, 2023

Desert. Space. Desert.

Is there anything more mind blowing than how vast and empty and magical space is? I remember sitting in the Sahara for the first time with the Tuaregs, it was close to midnight.

One of them, dressed in all indigo, squatted over a small flame wire cage burner making tea. He blew on the tinder every once in a while to keep the flame going. The flame would cast shadows on his indigo dyed face and his dark eyes stared at me. 

I was mouth agape, goggling up at the sky. I had never seen anything like it. In the middle of the Sahara there is no light interference within hundreds of miles.  It is the most empty space you will ever find. The stars were a bowl from horizon to horizon and it was unreal to experience.

The nomad asked if I had just got out of prison because I was so in awe of the sky.


We are so small in comparison. One of the greatest miracles has been the James Webb Space Telescope (25 years in the making) that has laid space and time at our feet. 

It's searching for the “let there be light” moment and it's not far off. If you get a chance, watch some of these amazing videos on the James Webb Channel.


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Cheers! Have an awesome week.


November 16, 2023

5 hours up, 4 down.

Early last week one of my engineer buddies invited me to hike up San Gorgonio.  He's got a dry sense of humor, and the kind of reserved judgement that is simultaneously sensible and comical.  He told me every time he sees a hiker in sandals he thinks, "There goes another narcissist."  
He tsk'd faint disapproval at my "hiking slippers' (Vivobarefoot Primus), but at least they weren't sandals.
He was incredulous that I let the map on my phone orient to where I was pointing rather than a "North up".
Despite our differences we managed to talk and laugh most of the way to the top and back down, drink in some ripping views, and thoroughly enjoyed a good 9 hours of being on our feet in the mountains.  
After 60 years on the planet with a good chunk of that in the military, my buddy AK is about to head out for the territories (or at least, the American West) to see what the next chapter brings.   
He's got some wandering to do and a few spots to hit (the Amboy crater, a mutual friend in Moab, and a restaurant called Hell's Backbone Grill).  Is there anywhere else you've been between San Diego and Sun Valley that you'd point him to as "worth seeing just because it's there"?
After hiking all day on Friday I headed back out into the local hills on Saturday to put up a temporary weather station at a paragliding site.  There's just something about being in non-flat country that, despite being physically challenging to move around in, is catnip for me.  
What's the terrain you can't stay out of?
Have a rock 'n roll week (and don't forget some desserts for an end-of-hike celebration!)
November 13, 2023

Let's start with the geeky...

I spent Sunday fiddling in the garage to set up a Raspberry Pi (a small comptuer) with an antenna so I can "listen" to planes transmitting their location.  I put the device up on the roof and waited to see what would come in.
Hundreds of planes!  You can see them all moving on a map up to 200 miles away, and click on any of them to see where it's coming from and going to, how high it is, how fast it's going, and more.  
Kind of neat to see the icon on my screen, then walk outside, look up, and say, "Yup, that's United 1381 on approach."  
John Gribben's Deep Simplicity has been the best math book I've ever read; there's barely any math in it, yet he's explaining chaos theory and complexity! 
Very very cool stuff, and well worth a read if you (like me) have a fascination with what math can do but very little experience with actually using it beyond some quick grocery store addition.
Saturday early morning I got to be a mule!  The San Diego River Park Foundation was supporting a Veteran's Day hike on one of the harder trails in San Diego, and they asked me to hike in a bunch of water and be a miniature water station out in the wilderness.
I carried out a little camping chair, my Gribben book, a few snacks, and a couple gallons of water.  It was enough to top off those who needed it (and fill up a few who needed way more than topping off.)
Super nice to sit on the side of the trail tucked into the shade of a scrub oak and just read, gabbing and watering when folks came by. 
November 09, 2023

Can ya make it easy?

I saw a video yesterday of a woman who had a huge problem come up. She spiraled into catastrophizing it. Her friend asked her "What would it look like if it was easy?". Mind blown. These are the friends you need to keep close. 


Reminder that US Wellness Meats is still giving our followers 15% off anything on their site! Take advantage, these guys rock. Use code PALEOTREATS at checkout. 


Day 30 using my Herbal Face Food and I can't believe the difference. My brown spots are fading on my forehead. It's the only medical grade plant only skin care out there. You can eat it. (Don't :) Message me if you want to know what I use. And code PALEOTREATS gets you 20% off

Oh #4! Nik and I went to see Taylor Swift's Eras Tour movie. Sooo good. Go see it, it is so loud because everyone is singing. It's a 3 hour concert and man is that lady inspiring. UC Berkeley is now offering a Taylor Swift business course, and USA Today has their first dedicated Taylor Swift journalist. And, if you go to the movie, check out the price of the tickets: Adults $19.89 (name of one of her albums) and kids tickets are $13.13 (her favorite number). 

Cheers! Have an awesome week.


November 06, 2023

US Wellness Meats FTW!

I wanted to take this Monday and intro you to the good people over at US Wellness Meats.  They've got some of the best meat around.  
Their animals live stress free and roam wide open pastures grazing on native prairie grasses; conditions are about as good as it gets.
Their farms work with nature to produce the most nutritious foods on the planet. NO pesticides, NO herbicides, NO antibiotics, NO added growth hormones, NO GMOs, and NO animal mRNA vaccines.
We've had a long time partnership with them and LOVE them!
They're kindly running a special deal for our Paleo Treats peeps through the end of the month, use code PALEOTREATS for 15% off anything in their store.
Check 'em out, and enjoy the best of what's out there! Nik + LEE <3
November 01, 2023

Why grow up when you can just kick ass?

This 64 year old female skateboarder is heading to the World Skate Games in Rome to crush a bunch of teenagers. Matter of fact, she is number 2 in the world right now. Get inspired to stay in the game with this one.

Recently discovered this super clean, 2 ingredient! raw goat whey protein powder. I tend to digest goat cheese or goat keifir easier than cow dairy so this might be a win for some of you! Code PALEOTREATS will get you 10% off.

I am thinking of starting a Facebook group called Glo Glo (or something like that, maybe Bunnies United?), and share with you all my glow up tips, from red light, to exercise, meditation, a book club etc. Focusing on body, mind and soul, sharing what I do. Would anyone be in to join? Be a fun way to end and bring in the new year with a gentle bang. Write back with a YES if interested. 

Cheers! Have an awesome week.